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Ron Handke - K9EOC (2009-01-08)
I have yet to find a problem with any of the Byonics devices, the All in One tracker is a device that does it all, SAR gound, Water, Mobil. Built well and preforms as any commercial unit would.
Terry Drake - KD5JPB (2009-01-06)
I've been using the TinyTrak3 for about two years. Great product, wonderful tech support.
Derek McIntyre - N4DBM (2008-12-27)
Regarding the WXTrak - Had the wife order me one for Christmas this year. Interfaced it to a Peet 800 for a remote location that doesn't have internet connection. Works very well, extremely simple and dependable, let lots of capability stored in that little PIC chip. You just can't beat it for the price. What a nice unit! Thanks Byonics. I wanted this unit because I knew it would hold up to my expectations like both of my Tiny Track 3's.
Doug Robbins - W5DUG (2008-12-11)
I purchased a tinytrack3+ and it worked great for a few months, then I tried to reprogram the chip and it seems that I probably blew the serial input to the chip! (old laptop, tried to reprogram without taking the tinytrak out of the car, my fault for sure) I emailed Byon and explained the problem. He sent me a replacement chip the next day at no charge! Talk about excellent customer service--Byonics is # 1 !! The new chip fixed the problem and I can't tell you how nice it is to have a company that stands behind thier excellent product. Great customer support. Doug W5DUG
Dave Lathrop - KB3RRL (2008-11-24)
MT-AIO, v 1.2, works exactly as described. Used on kayak trips down the west coast and Chesapeake Bay / Potomac River areas! Higly portable and easy to operate. When new to the field, Byon was especially helpful to me.
Merv - VK3KAW (2008-11-18)
Placed order on Thursday.. and GPS2 was on doorstep on Tuesday.... excellent service... now I need to get it hooked up and running. Really great service and product. Merv. VK3KAW
Jim Childress - KE5JCN (2008-11-14)
11/3/08 Yes everything went very well and we even look forward to the next BSA Fox Hunt. Thank you for a great, versatile, product that really makes an impression on everyone - including the older hams. I intend to give you all A's on product and especially the service and support which you have given so freely. I have been in business for over thirty years and have yet to find a company that even comes up to your service and support plateau. After assembling the kit and being unable to activate it, you provided almost instant e mail trouble shooting. When I thought all was lost, you requested I return it for testing. Being unable to find the problem, you sent an assembled PicCon (all at no additional cost) in time for the BSA FOX HUNT. This type of product support is impossible to find. Thank you. Regards, Jim KE5JCN
Michael Stratton - km1ke (2008-11-08)
Byon has continually developed high quality electronic projects for the ham community. His prices have always been fair and very reasonable. And of course all of his products work to his specs or better. The kits are so much fun to build. Documentation is outstanding. I have made and am using most all of his kits. I use them in my cars. boat, and house. Keep up the good work Byon.. thanks for all you efforts...73's
Tim - KC5LFD (2008-11-06)
8000 Fa has been flying with me in my Glider all summer and my friends love to track me when I am flying. Once set in my baggage compartment all I do is turn on the power and forget it. I love it.
Christos - SV7BVZ (2008-10-29)
I have received the TT4+GPS2, works as specified, the software is very good with clear instruction.I will buy another one soon. Thanks Byon!!!
Jay - W5WHN (2008-10-20)
MT-AIO works as specified. I have used my MT-AIO during Marathons, hiking and in the vehicle with no problems. The software is easy to understand and the MT-AIO follows the KISS principle.
Dan - NFPE (2008-10-16)
MT-AIO!!! What a great product!!! Flawless! Fun to use and runs forever on a set of batteries when set to 2 watts output. As solid as my 7 year old TT3. every camper\hiker\outdoors person needs one!!! Thanks Byon!
Gene Youn - n9mxq (2008-10-05)
Finished my 3rd kit, another TT3+ with GPS2. Received 4 days after I ordered. Really like the new case with the cutout for the DB9's with the securing nuts. Now just have to find some.
Phil - VK7JJ (2008-10-03)
I've received: fast reliable delivery and a great deal of satisfaction with 1 x TT3 and 2 x TT3+ over three years. Excellent products with excellent documentation; thanks Byon!
Roman - OK1BF (2008-09-24)
Hi, I bought TinyTrak3+ for mobile APRS. Excellent product and customer service. I look forward to purchasing many more products. Thanks, Byon and 73 from Czech Republic!