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Geoff - KB1POR (2009-05-07)
I just received the TinyTrak3Plus (got it in 2 days after ordering!), everything was packed well and looked to have been built professionally. The only issue I had was due to the radio, if you are using the Yaesu FT-1802 you need to cut/remove R8 otherwise when the TT3 transmits it doesn't activate the PTT on the radio. Once I did that the TT3 is working great, as well as the GPS!
- (2009-05-06)

Karl - VK7HDX (2009-05-06)
I have had my Tiny Trak-3 running for over 2 years now in my RV and it never lets me down.
Andy - G4TNU (2009-05-04)
Have been using the MT8000FA now for over a year on foot and in car. A further unit has been used on motorcycle for Raynet exercises. They have delivered exemplary results from a very small form factor which makes them so easy to deploy.
Grover - K7TP (2009-05-03)
I just received a MT-AIO and I am impressed. It's a very nice package and with its self-contained battery pack should prove to be a very handy rig to have along.
Mike Tyler - KE7DIF (2009-05-02)
I have had the TinyTrak-3, TinyTrak-3 Plus for almost four years and most recently the MicroTrak-TT4 and MicroTrak- 8000 FA. Also I have the MicroAmp 3 and the MicroVolt 12. They all have worked as expected. I love the MicroTrak-TT4 with the display and the PS2 keyboard jack and telemetry. Such wonderful additions to already smartly designed and very functional products. Byon at Byonics and Alan at VHS are doing a wonderful job. I highly recommend these products especially the TinyTrak3- Plus if you are just starting out, it is so easy to configure and works great!. Byon has answered my email questions quickly and I get my orders delivered just a few days afer they are placed. Be sure to check out the Yahoo groups, there is lots of great info to be found there as well.
Patrick - LX3PR (2009-04-24)
I am still using the TinyTrak3 that I bought more than 5 years ago. A nice product and absolutely no problem so far. What about a Micro-Trak AIO with external GPS? That would be nice for in car installation. Anyway, I am quite sure that I will test the Micro-Trak AIO in the near future.
Ron - VK7HRM (2009-04-15)
I have two TinyTrak3 and have just purchased the Micro Trak AIO .All great products and excellent International Express delivery to Australia
John - G0GCQ (2009-04-06)
Ordered three self-contained units which were sent via International Express delivery. Excellent service and the products are of the highest standard. They worked straight out of the box ~ no problems! Great!
Joe - KJ9M (2009-04-04)
Absolutely magnificent! Have been running the TinkTrak3Plus with GPS2 combo into a used Motorola two-channel Radius I got at a bargain and powered down to 10-watts just for APRS. It works so well I will be briefing our ARES/SKYWARN group about the advantages of having these aboard all mobiles in the county to get best placement of spotters from the EOC to observe incoming severe weather systems - at an affordable price. Bravo Zulu, Byon!
perry - ke6anm (2009-03-21)
I have 5 trakers, including the mt4. they work great and do a wonderful job, tracking and digipeating aprs signals. I even turned one of my trakers into a dog tracker, so I can keep an eye on him when he is running through the forest. I use a mt4 as a digipeater, and it works flawessly with the microamp. nice job guys, your products are AAA+++
Bjornstad - LA8JRA (2009-03-18)
Thanks for the nice product, i own 3 TT4. I have mounted display on two! Works just perfect, and runs with low power consumption. I use my units for TNC, Digipeater and Tracker. Keep up the good work! 73's LA8JRA, Norway
Zsolt - M6UAV (2009-03-15)
I have been using TinyTrak3Plus with the HAiCOM HI-204III Mini-DIN GPS Receiver and a Yaesu VX-7R. I bought it as a KIT and it was easy to assemble and set up by following the detailed documentation. I constructed the cables for my radio based on the description of TinyTrak Yahoo Groups. TT3+ performs very well !!! 73 from Windsor, UK
Lindy - WW5AA (2009-03-03)
I have been using the Tiny Trak3 for two years in the car and airplane without a problem. Simple and inexpensive it does the job! I just ordered the TT4. 73 de Lindy
Peter - HB9JAQ (2009-02-28)
After having purchased two TinyTrak3s several months ago and using them successfully in conjunction with my IC-92 and IC2200H transceivers I decided to purchase another product from Byonics: the Micro-Trak AIO. This handy little tracker is more than worth every dollar of it's price! Today I used it the first time in an aircraft on a local flight. I have put it on the dashboard of the Cessna 152 without any external antenna. aprs.fi shows that nearly every transmission was captured by a ground station and was fed into the internet. I'm running the unit now for four consecutive days on 8 HiMH rechargable batteries and it still works like a charm. The GPS module locks on the sky sigs like a greased lightning. No more hanging cables in the vehicle. No more empty battieries after a couple of hours. Simply take the precious Pelican case with its superb content, switch it on, put in in the vehicle and forget it. APRS tracking never was easier... THANKS BYON from Switzerland!!