Byonics MicroFox Configuration Tool

This is an experiment in using Web Serial to configure a Byonics MicroFox 15, MicroFox-PicCon, MicroFox2, BFC, and PicCon3. This will allow serial programming on any operating system, rather than only on Windows with the previous config program.
To use, connect the fox/controller to computer serial port, power on, select the port with the button below, then use the Read Version button to confirm the device is connected.
The Read Config button will read the current settings from the device and allow edting.
After editing, the Write Config button will store the setting back into the device.
One important note: On all devices except the MF-15, the buttons must be pressed within 2 seconds of the device being powered up. If more than 2 seconds has passed, just cycle power on the device and try the button again.
This is a work in progress. Please send any comments, bug reports, or questions to support @