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DD Lewis - KB5JTJ (2011-06-10)
Several years ago I was introduced to the TT3. From there I have worked myself up the line, now waiting for the AIO-IV. Along the way I have stumbled and needed help in understanding the inner workings of the units. Byon always supports his products. When you mess up, he's right there with a helping hand. No one can match his customer service.
Cap - WB6ZDF (2011-06-08)
Past experience A few years ago I had a Suzuki Sidekick. At which time I used your TinyTrak3 and TinyTrak4. This worked out very well for me, but then I got a Honda Fit. The 3 & 4 just would not work in there. Even with the car off I could hear a high pitch tone. I assume over the 12VDC line as I put an external battery on the ground and connected to it, everything worked OK. Again assuming the tone was coming from the factory installed security system, thinking it was the only thing still running. I also tried your Micro-Trak RTG FA. It also had problems with the Honda. ONLY thing left to do is get a different car (:> (:>. I now have a Chevy. HHR. So far everything seems to be working great. One little problem. Need to check the Dim plug periodically as it has a tendancy to back out.
Gary - K1ZXX (2011-05-26)
This is by far the best for APRS, the ease and workmanship with costumer support can not be matched, Byon is a helpful and patient and will go the distance to help you out!! that alone is well worth the product.
Keith Harvey - VA3KRV (2011-05-21)
Picked up the RTG at the Hamvention yesterday, plugged it into the Buick, fired it up and it is running flawlessly - beaconing VE3KHV-9. The tiny package replaces a venerable HW2032 and gives me back my tool space in the SUV "below deck" cubby. Great product - also met Byon and had a good chat, picked up a TT4 and display also. No end to this stuff! 73
Scott Hill - W6SRF (2011-05-04)
A few of the guys from the Pittsburg County Amateur Radio Club use your products for APRS during severe weather. I am not up to speed with your products yet, but I will be purchasing some things soon. VERY EXCITED about how well this stuff works. Keep up the great work!!!
Pierre - F5BRF (2011-04-14)
I have two TT4 (DIGIT) one TT3+(car) and one microTrack 8000FA very good materiel Thank's Byon
Edward Bassett - N8FVM (2011-04-10)
Wow I am over whelmed at all you have to digest. I will be contacting you soon about what you recommend for my application.
Kevin Wison - KI6SUJ (2011-03-23)
I purchased the Micro-Trac 8000 FA a few years ago. It is still working flawlessly. On events, I can be picked up by NET control where people using other units fade out. More recently, I purchased the APO3. It works great. Turning of the motorcycle caused me to appear only where it last beaconed. Now, they know where I am at due to the continued beaconing, without me worrying about leaving the key on. At my recommendation, a friend purchased the RTG combo. Again, a solid unit. All purchases went smooth. Each product is great.
Paul Voorhees - W7PV (2011-03-17)
Great product! Easy to assemble, works as advertised. I'm thinking of getting another. I use 8 ea 1.2v NiMH batteries for the HT and 8 for the PicCon and have a very small package (in a Rubbermaid container) that will run for 5 hours. Thanks Byon!
Todd Stowe - KJ4RSG (2011-03-10)
I'm beyond a newbie when it comes to electronics. All I wanted to do was take pictures from space with a weather balloon. The guys at byonics were beyond helpful. I'd never have pulled it off without their help. See the photos at www.TheTalon.SmugMug.com/misc/space.
Keith - G0FEA (2011-03-05)
OUTSTANDING, Ordered and delivered in 5 working days from the USA to the UK. TT4 & GPS Worked straight out of the envelope. Check out my live APRS at www.yaesu.org.uk. Thnaks Byon.
Larry Jacobs - WA7ZBO (2011-02-27)
I have five PicCon controllers mated to five Radio Shack HTX-200 handheld radios. This combination along with a 9 volt battery gives me the ability to do anything I want in any combination in the field. The whole thing is palm sized and with the feature of using the receiver as well as the 200mw transmitter, I can reprogram on the fly or activate the units after they have been hidden. In the five years I've used these, I have never had one problem. Not bad considering the whole unit with used radio off Ebay cost less than $100.00.
Evan Heckel - WB5KOJ (2011-02-14)
I bought a PicCon kit and I am delighted with the quality of both the circuit board and the instructions. It was simple to assemble and works great - easy to program and lots of flexibility. In short a great product.
Paul - W5LZ (2011-02-10)
I have two of Byoni's products, both work well, do at -least- what is claimed for them. The first one I assembled and it worked(!) and still does. The second one was the 'MT-RTG' model, nice'er than my put-together cigar box. Happy camper...
Hal - W4HP (2011-01-28)
You can't do business with better than Byonics. After cross connecting my power leads on my TT4, Byon took great care of me. Shipping was very timely and I will be ordering more! .......Thanks Byon........Hal