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John - K4AG (2013-04-14)
I've had a WX Trak in a solar powered wx station for 10 years and it works great, never had any issues with it. Check out K4AG-3 on www.aprs.fi
Geoff - VA6TAC (2013-04-13)
I have the RTG unit with V3 antenna & 10 watt transmiiter / GPS combo. Excellent deal. My programming questions about telemetry were promptly answered by email & I'm hitting digipeaters according to APRS.fi with "good path" & never had any issue. PS the V# antenna also works GREAT for your HT if it has a NMO connector.. 5 star rating
andy - 9H1XD-7 (2013-03-26)
Severino Mastracci - YV5OF (2013-03-24)
Excellent equipment, practical for fixed stations, mobile or projects Positioning System (APRS). Now I'm working on implementing a Digi with a TT-4 and experimenting with the TT-3.
Graham Wratten - G6MAR (2013-03-07)
The TT4, GPS and associated cables arrived safely in the UK in under a week.
Pete - G8OQG (2013-02-13)
MT AIO arrived in good time , now to find the time to play !
Konrad Roeder - WA4OSH (2013-02-04)
I received a Micro-Trak RTG as a gift from my cousin Bob W0RTG. Bob had the unit pre-programmed to 144.39 and with my call sign. When it arrived, it was completely Ready To Go. The V3 antenna and the GPS both are magnet mount, so they quickly pop on the roof. After fastening the SMA antenna connector to the transmitter and the GPS to its mating DB-9, I mounted the black box behind an access panel for my right turn indicator. Then I plugged it into the 12v utility outlet in the back of my car. The LED on the black box blinks a bit while the GPS is initialized and finds the location, then the LED goes solid green and occasionally flashing orange. After a quick 10 minutes of setup, the unit was already reporting my location on APRS.fi. There are two things that bother me only slightly. One is that the GPS DB-9 and the DB-9 cable to the transmitter unit don't screw together tightly. I will find a couple of barrel nuts to make that happen. The second thing is that the DIN plug that goes into a matching socket on the transmitter has a tendency to wiggle out under vibration. The cable needs a strain relief so that the weight of the cable does not pull the plug out. So far, I'm quite happy with it's performance so far, having "hit" digipeaters 30-40 miles away. Thanks Byon! I fastened it behind an access panel to the inside
Larry Palmer - NW1X (2013-01-25)
Used the Microtrak AIO HA model for a near-space balloon mission with 120 fifth graders. Absolutely the Rolls-Royce of tracking devices for balloonists. Got a good track as soon as the craft cleared the treeline and continued tracking all the way to 97,000 feet and back! We used the rubber duck antenna for training and the dipole antenna for the actual flight. Thanks for a great product - couldn't be happier!
Kevin - N9WKU (2013-01-17)
Bought the Micro Fox for a field day T-Hunt. this worked superb. Its small size and range capability made this an excellent choice for our event... Word of advice get the complete package its a great deal. P.S. if you tape it to a magnet and slap it on the post of a tennis court the chain link fence that surrounds the courts do amazing things to the signals and makes it much more difficult to find a "FOX" when in plain sight
Al - VE7CM (2013-01-08)
Resurected my old TT3+ last week and fired it up, I've had this thing running in my old mobile for years and it's still going now and it's been 5 years now, hasn't even skipped a packet. It's out lived two radios and beats on, I'm looking at buying a TT4 now.
Bill - N2KNL (2012-12-22)
The Tiny Trak4 works great! Buying the WXTrak for my Davis Vantago Pro WX station soon and using it APRS mobile storm chasing this summer. Cheers to Byonics and their products! www.radiotimeline.com/n2knl.htm
Beric - K6BEZ (2012-11-01)
Very well done kit and great instructions. I liked that the Reference Designators were grouped by value - very easy to follow.
Dave - WB3KXL (2012-10-19)
Sent MT-AIO back for repairs. Was user error in resetting power control incorrectly. Didn't charge for repairs. Great customer service!
Tomasz - SQ2MTJ (2012-09-20)
very high quality products (Tiny 3 and 4) thanks,working great!!!!
David - KF7WIR (2012-09-04)
I received the MT-RTG in a day after I ordered it. The unit has a dual configuration which worked out for me since my radio decided not to report to aprs for some reason Iíve yet to troubleshoot. Iíve sent more than a few emails asking questions and always received quick responses, great support. The MT-RTG worked right out of the box, this is a terrific unit. Iím thinking I may buy another.