MicroTrak MTT4BT

The MicroTrak MTT4BT is an 8-watt 2-meter frequency agile APRS transceiver with an optional bluetooth serial interface. It includes a custom TinyTrak4 firmware and can act as a tracker, digipeater, telemetry transmitter, or an interface for compatible weather stations. The MTT4BT has telemetry channels for monitoring the supply voltage and temperature, and 5 additional pins which may be used for 0-5 volt telemetry.

A 10 pin interface will accept a TinyTrak4 display adapter and PS/2 keyboard, which will allow APRS text messaging and programming user options. The MTT4BT has been designed primarily as a mobile transceiver, although it is just as capable as a fixed station digipeater. The unit must use a proper mobile or base station antenna, and will not operate properly with a rubber duck antenna. Two separate serial ports are usable for GPS and computer KISS and text interfacing.

The MTT4BT firmware is similar to the TinyTrak4 Alpha firmware. Refer to the TinyTrak4 page for configuration documentation. Configuration is done with any terminal program and a DB-9 or 2.5mm cable. These products operates on amateur radio frequencies, and requires a valid amateur radio license to use.

We are running low on cigarette lighter plug cables, so all orders will be shipped with a Powerpole cable for 12V power unless otherwise requested.

DownloadMTT4B User Manual - v1.0
DownloadMTT4BT Bluetooth Addendum - v0.1
DownloadMTT4BT-Mini Addendum - v1.0

MTT4BTs are out of stock.

Add To CartMTT4B-Mini - $229
Low power version of the MTT4B. Does not include GPS, Bluetooth, antenna or temp sensor.

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