MicroTrak RTG

The MicroTrak RTG (Ready To Go) FA is a complete 10-watt APRS tracker, including a frequency agile 2-meter transmitter, a TinyTrak3 controller chip, a Byonics GPS5 receiver, and a magnet mount SMA antenna. The MT-RTG FA was designed for easy vehicle installation. It comes pre-configured with your callsign so it is literally "Ready To Go". Simply connect the included antenna and GPS receiver to the top of your car, plug into 12V, and you are on the air! It is frequency agile over the 2-meter band (144 MHz - 148 MHz) and includes built in telemetry support to transmit supply voltage and temperature. Ships with cigarette lighter plug unless Powerpole is requested.

After you place the order, please use the order notes or an email to send us your callsign and any other custom operating parameters. If we do not receive this information, we will hold your order, and contact you via email before shipping. Even though it does ship pre-configured, users can easily update all settings by downloading the configuration program and using a TT USB or F-F null modem cable. These products operates on amateur radio frequencies, and requires a valid amateur radio license to use. Since it is a transmitter only, it may ocassionally send very short packets coincidentally with other transmitters.

DownloadMT-RTG FA User Manual - v1.8
DownloadMT-RTG 50/30 User Manual - v1.0
DownloadTinyTrak3 Configuration Software - Windows programing software. Version 1.4.6

Add To CartMicroTrak RTG Combo - $220
Includes MT-RTG FA, GPS5 receiver, V3 magnet mount SMA antenna, and 12V power / serial interface cable.

Add To CartMicroTrak RTG - $150
Includes MT-RTG FA and 12V power interface cable. GPS and antenna not included.

Add To CartMicroTrak RTG HA Combo - $250
For high altitude ballooinsts (HAB). Includes the MT-RTG FA, GPS5HA high altitude GPS receiver, V6 dipole antenna, and 12V power cable. Weight is 8.9oz not counting battery.

Add To CartMicroTrak RTG Cable - $10
Spare or replacement cable for MT-RTG or MT-RTG 50. This cable has a DB-9 for serial and computer connections (with our TT USB cable), and a 6 pin mini-DIN to connect to the MT-RTG. Ships with cigarette lighter plug unless Powerpole is requested.

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