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TinyTrak4 takes the features of the popular Byonics TinyTrak3Plus and adds...
  • DSP Packet Decoding - Using software DSP, the TinyTrak4 can not only decode 1200 baud packet, but also 9600 baud (9600 encode in development). Since the decoding is not hardware based, new demodulation capabilities will be added to existing TinyTrak4s.
  • APRS Digipeating - The TinyTrak4 can act as a smart APRS digipeater supporting WIDEn-N, callsign substitution, and dupe checking.
  • KISS TNC - Connect to a computer and operate standard packet, Winlink, and any of the APRS software.
  • APRS Messaging - Send and receive APRS messages with the optional display and keyboard.
  • Analog & Digital Telemetry - TinyTrak4 can read temperature, battery voltage, and other analog and digital sources.
  • Field Upgradeability - New firmware can be downloaded for free from the TinyTrak4 website and sent to the TinyTrak4 with a computer serial port and a F-F null modem adapter.

Additional Functionality:
  • APRS tracker that can plot positions as waypoints on compatible GPS receivers
  • Weather station support
  • Packet display
  • Remote control
  • UI TNC
  • New! Send and receive APRS text messages with the AvMap Geosat 5. Get the latest AvMap firmware HERE. See Don's Video Demo

Scott Evans, VK7HSE has setup a TinyTrak4 Wiki at
Don Arnold, W6GPS has a new video demo of using the TT4 with the AvMap.


TinyTrak4 Kit and Case - This kit contains all parts to build the TinyTrak4, including the laser-cut case. Cables not included. Shipped with diagnostic firmware pre-loaded. TinyTrak4 Built and Tested with Case - For those not interested in soldering together the kit. The circuit board is different from the kit version, as it is built with surface mount components, but is the same size and completely compatible. Cables not included.
Without a GPS Add To Cart $65 - TinyTrak4 Kit
Add To Cart $75 - TinyTrak4 Built
Combo with Byonics GPS - Includes a Byonics GPS5 with the SiRFstar III chipset. Add To Cart $130 - TinyTrak4 Kit and GPS Combo
Add To Cart $140 - TinyTrak4 Built and GPS Combo

Note: There are currently 2 different microprocessors used by TinyTrak4 boards, and each requires a different version of the firmware. Built and tested TinyTrak4s sold after June 2010 use a MEGA1284P chip. All others, including current kits, use a MEGA644P. The chip type is printed on the top of the chip on the circuit board. The bootloader version can also be used to identify the chip. The MEGA644P uses bootloader version 1.2b, and the MEGA1284P uses version 1.2c. All TinyTrak4 firmware published after July 2010 will include versions for both chips, one marked 644 and the other marked 1284. Only the firmware version that matches the chip on the TinyTrak4 should be loaded.

TinyTrak4s are shipped with Alpha v0.67 firmware installed.

Add To Cart TT4BT - $45 The TT4BT is a bluetooth adapter for the TinyTrak4. It connects to the J2 serial port connector, provides a bluetooth interface to PORTA, and allows the connection of a GPS to portB. Download manual. Includes free USB bluetooth dongle while they last.

Add To Cart TT4 Display with Adapter Built - $45 This built display and adapter will show received and deocded packets. Ready to plug into a built TinyTrak4, but must be wired into a TinyTrak4 kit version. TinyTrak4 and keyboard not included. Adapter manual is available HERE. Note: there is no case available for the TT4 Display at this time.

Add To Cart TT4 Display with Adapter Kit - $34 The display and adapter above as a kit. TinyTrak4 and keyboard not included. Adapter manual is available HERE. Note: there is no case available for the TT4 Display at this time.

Add To Cart TT4 DK Adapter Kit - $12 This adapter will ease in the connection of a 20x4 display and a PS/2 keyboard to both TinyTrak4 circuit boards. TinyTrak4, display, and keyboard not included. Adapter manual is available HERE.

Add To Cart TinyTrak4D Display - $24 20x4 backlight LCD displays compatible with the TinyTrak4. TinyTrak4 and wiring adapter not included. See the Byonics TinyTrak4 Display and Keyboard Wiring.pdf file for wiring details. Note: there is no case available for the TT4 Display at this time.

Add To Cart TT4 DTMF Adapter Kit - $30 This adapter connects to the TT4 Display interface port to convert the TinyTrak4 into a APRStt device, allowing anyone with a radio with a touch tone keypad to generate APRS packets. An additional radio interface cable and radio will be needed for the DTMF frequency. More information on APRStt can be found at See the Byonics TinyTrak4 Display and Keyboard Wiring.pdf file for wiring details for a TinyTrak4 Kit.

After purchasing a TinyTrak4, be sure to download the manuals, firmware, and software from the link below.


TinyTrak3 accessories, including Radio / Power cables, Null modem cables and adapter, and GPS receivers, are all compatible with the TinyTrak4.

Add To Cart TT USB Cable - $20. This USB cable will connect a TinyTrak3Plus or TinyTrak4 to a computer USB port for configuring or operation. In addition, if the TinyTrak is set for 5V on J7 (TT3+) or JP6 (TT4) to power a GPS2, this cable will also power the TinyTrak from the computer. It is a USB A to DB-9 female, and is basically a USB to serial adapter plus a F-F null modem cable, with the bonus of providing 5V to power the TinyTrak via pin 4. Note: since the TT USB provides power to the TinyTrak, the TinyTrak should NOT be connected to 12V when using the TT USB! Drivers can be found HERE.

A Female to Female Null Modem Adapter or cable, or the TT USB cable above, is needed to connect a TinyTrak4 to the computer for configuration.

Radio and Power Interface cables for the TinyTrak3 and TinyTrak 4 are available!

GPS Receivers are available to use the TinyTrak4 as a APRS tracker.

TinyTrak4 Downloads
Right click the links below and choose "Save [Link] As..."

Primary TinyTrak4 Files - This zip file contains everything most TinyTrak4 users should need. There is a quick-start guide, manuals for both built and kit units, firmware, and display manuals, and the Alpha firmware currently loaded (v0.68), config, and manual. (Sep 2013)
Documentation files & software TinyTrak4 Quick Start Guide v0.5.pdf - Quick-Start guide for TinyTrak4 users. (7/1/10)
TinyTrak4 Firmware Manual v1.1.pdf Instructions for loading firmware files. (7/1/10)
Firmware files - Alpha v0.72 - (9/3/16) - APRStt Firmware v0.3 PRELIMINARY - (5/14/13) - Alpha v0.68 - (6/19/12) - Alpha v0.67 - (9/28/10) - Alpha v0.66 - (9/21/10) - Alpha v0.65 - (7/1/10)
Older Files - Previous new user files (v0.59) Byonics TinyTrak4 Display and Keyboard Wiring.pdf - Instructions for wiring a Display and Keyboard to a TT4 (4/25/09)
tinytrak4_dk_adapter_v1.3.pdf - Manual for the Display & Keyboard adapter. (9/3/09) - TT4 / MT-TT4 Firmware Loader for Windows (3/13/09)
TinyTrak4 Built Hardware Manual v7.1.pdf - TinyTrak4 Built SMT Hardware Manual version 7(9/1/09)
TinyTrak4 Built Hardware Manual v0.63.pdf - TinyTrak4 Built SMT Hardware Manual for previous version(8/4/09)
TinyTrak4 Kit Hardware Manual v0.65.pdf - TinyTrak4 Kit Hardware Manual (8/4/09) - Hardware and Firmware Manuals, Tracker Config Program, and firmware for Tracker, KISS TNC, and diagnostics. (2/1/08) - Alpha v0.64 - (4/19/10) - Tracker v4.07 - An older tracker firmware with Windows config program (6/7/08) - KISS TNC v0.8 - Converts TinyTrak4 into a dedicated KISS TNC (1/6/08) - Diagnostics Firmware v0.4 - This is the firmware normally initially loaded in all TinyTrak4 chips (1/10/08)

If your question is not listed here, please Contact Us.

Add To Cart Byonics Sticker - Free Add a free Byonics Vinyl Label to your order - 5.5 x 1.5 inch.