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Frank - (2017-08-09)
Used Micro-Trak AIO during a search and rescue training exercise in Utah. Was astonished how I was able to track my teams without having to plot them on a map by hand. Was able to see exactly where they were and where they had been on google earth. Am currently attempting to purchase my own for our S&R missions.
Dave - WD8CIV (2017-07-29)
I've been running a TinyTrak 3 in my car for the past 9 years. It's been in 2 vehicles and connected to 3 different radios, but that little tracker just keeps on ticking along. I wish the cars lasted as ong!
Doug - K4AIU (2017-03-02)
Very impressed by my Micro-Track RTG-50 FA. I bought this dedicated APRS rig to free up my mobile radio. Literally plug and play. Functions flawlessly. Thanks!
John Bulmer (Jack) - N2JNT (2017-01-11)
They shipped my MT-RTG the same day I placed the order! The unit is truly plug and play, as it started working as soon as I powered it on. Great product, great customer service.
Bill - KH6UU (2016-11-13)
My MT-RTG is still going strong after 2-1/2 years. Never drains the battery when my vehicle sits for a couple of weeks. Installed one in my Dad's (also a ham) vehicle a few years ago. It was a great help when he traveled across the country and needed assistance in finding him late at night. Highway Patrol found him and made sure he was at a safe place to stay for the night.
Michael Berchtold - K6MKL (2016-10-27)
I've had my MT-RTG for 3-4 years now and love it! I had an issue with the connector and Allen took care of me to fix the issue! Byon is great at responding to my questions. Mike was quick to respond to a question about my order. You have an excellent team over there at Byonics!! It's hard to find companies that provide fast and excellent service to their customers nowadays. Keep up the excellent work!!
David Moseley - KF7VYT (2016-10-03)
Purchased Micro-Fox MF-15. Setup/configuration was a snap. Customized the 'tune' that is played. Beyond my expectations. A fantastic product - I'm impressed.
james e mendenhall - ke6whn (2016-09-29)
i've been doing bussiness with byon for a number of years, way back when the first pic-on the monday nite t-hunt days, the products have all been quality.
John Randle - K9RSQ (2016-08-14)
Ten years ago I purchased and assembled a TinyTrak3 and it worked great. Unfortunately my GPS w/ serial interface died and was not replaced until recently. Starting again basically from scratch, Byon guided me through several configuration issues and I am now back on the air. I do not know of many vendors who will support a 10 year old product as Byon does. Thank you for the great customer service.
Dennis Merritt - W6UHQ (2016-05-05)
Just installed 8 AA batteries in my XYLs new MT-AIO, cranked on/off to on and watched the indicator lights come on excitedly. Had placed the mag mount on an appropriate non vehicle magnetic surface and waited for KF6ZOY-9 to show up on APRS.FI in the Sacramento area. After some period of time it did show, but not as soon as I had assumed it would. After wasting several hours pondering the slow appearance of ZOY I turned on my TS2000 and listened to 144.39. I knew the Sacramento area is radioactive, and that even with my 35W APRS unit I still have difficulty getting a packet through. But the channel is 80% of capacity at peak usage (SWAG). With a barefoot 10W and no RX before TX I think I was lucky to get any packets up to the Internet gateways. Planning a trip out of Sacramento Valley area to see how it fares on a more reasonable test environment for this class of APRS transmitter. Initial experiences very favorable. Looking forward to additional testing and final installation in Grannies Van. Anyone willing to share experiences with MT-AIO mobile? 73, Dennis/W6UHQ - Sacramento.
Lou Broad - N1RCA (2016-04-24)
Just used MT-1000 HA on 92.000 ft balloon launch for New Hampshire Science Teacher's Association. Exceptional performance, ease of use. Great Package!
Greg McCulkin - VK2TEQ (2016-02-04)
Installed the Micro-Trak RTG50 last November. VK2TEQ-9. The things on 24/7, works a treat. A good way to keep track of the team through an emergency activation. Picked up a 2nd GPS unit for the Kenwood D710. Double treat. Im from Down Under QF56LF
Ken Porter - N3TXC (2015-12-23)
Love my new mt-rtg received it in 2 days up and running within 10 min. Quality product, alreading thinking of up grading to mmt4b
Steve - KA4TMB (2015-10-23)
Love my Micro Trak. Bought one after my brother Bill - KH6UU (2014-09-18) recommended it. Now want to upgrade to TT4 so it will RX before TX since it's so busy on the east coast here with collisions, but that's not a problem with the hardware. Just too much fun with APRS and work with ARES! I love being a Ham! HAH!! Thanks, Bill *AND BYONICS*!
Adam - KG4ERE (2015-09-30)
I started off with one TT3 on one of my vehicles to see how it did. I worked flawlessly from day 1. I have since purchase 3 more Tiny Trak units for various uses and they all work great. Any tech questions I have ever had are always answered promptly and efficiently. If you are looking to purchase a quality, easy to use product, then you can do no better than Byonics.