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Phil - W9WEP (2018-08-31)
Put the microtrak on a 2018 Yamaha with a custom ground plane (iron plate mounted to the tour pack) using the magnetic antenna. Did a test run and works like a charm. Detected 50 miles away. Awesome device.
Jason Woodman - M1PRO (2018-08-24)
Found Byon/Mike so helpful and accommodating when ordering my TT3+ combo and TT4. Shipped to my vacation address in Phoenix and allowed me to collect a programming cable I forgot to order!
Bill Heyde - KH6UU (2018-08-15)
My MT-RTG has been working non-stop for over 4-1/2 years. I did have to upgrade the small antenna after it rusted out and lost a battle to low hanging branches. Now using the heavier antenna that is offered. Having APRS for EMCOMM work is a must for those of us who travel.
Ken Brannan - N0NDP (2018-05-27)
The GPS-5 is a great product and I have ZERO complaints. I plan to buy another one for the car now.
Don. Kramer - AA0BZ (2018-04-11)
Used several All in one trackers Several years ago to track & Follow Burro racers over 14000 ft passes in Fairplay and Leadville Colorado years ago & watched on map all the way Retired at 91. All In Ones are a great product. Sitting on shelf waiting for action.
Brad "Tank" Meador - KK4ZXY (2018-03-27)
Great product in a great form factor. The staff was great and respond quickly to emails.
Rich S. - K3SOM (2018-03-21)
With several differing problems to resolve, the prompt responses from Byonics, helped keep me on the right path to success in the shortest possible time. Thank you very much!
Jason S. - KG7PWQ (2018-03-06)
Had a problem with a cable. Byonics staff quickly resolved problem. Thank you again.
Morgan Yono - 248-444-4539 (2018-01-14)
I love ❤️ byonics I have bean dreaming of being bionic
Frank - (2017-08-09)
Used Micro-Trak AIO during a search and rescue training exercise in Utah. Was astonished how I was able to track my teams without having to plot them on a map by hand. Was able to see exactly where they were and where they had been on google earth. Am currently attempting to purchase my own for our S&R missions.
Dave - WD8CIV (2017-07-29)
I've been running a TinyTrak 3 in my car for the past 9 years. It's been in 2 vehicles and connected to 3 different radios, but that little tracker just keeps on ticking along. I wish the cars lasted as ong!
Doug - K4AIU (2017-03-02)
Very impressed by my Micro-Track RTG-50 FA. I bought this dedicated APRS rig to free up my mobile radio. Literally plug and play. Functions flawlessly. Thanks!
John Bulmer (Jack) - N2JNT (2017-01-11)
They shipped my MT-RTG the same day I placed the order! The unit is truly plug and play, as it started working as soon as I powered it on. Great product, great customer service.
Bill - KH6UU (2016-11-13)
My MT-RTG is still going strong after 2-1/2 years. Never drains the battery when my vehicle sits for a couple of weeks. Installed one in my Dad's (also a ham) vehicle a few years ago. It was a great help when he traveled across the country and needed assistance in finding him late at night. Highway Patrol found him and made sure he was at a safe place to stay for the night.
Michael Berchtold - K6MKL (2016-10-27)
I've had my MT-RTG for 3-4 years now and love it! I had an issue with the connector and Allen took care of me to fix the issue! Byon is great at responding to my questions. Mike was quick to respond to a question about my order. You have an excellent team over there at Byonics!! It's hard to find companies that provide fast and excellent service to their customers nowadays. Keep up the excellent work!!