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Neil Smith - M0NAS (2023-06-21)
I recently had the misfortune of my TT4 firmware crashing and no matter what I tried, I was unsuccessful in recovering it. I contacted Byonics by email for help and was very impressed with the support I was given. Such was the problem, I ended up having a Zoom conversation during which the solution was realised. I am now back up and running as M0NAS-9. Thanks for your help. 73 Neil M0NAS
James Johnson - VE7HJ (2023-06-06)
I ordered a cable for my Kam Plus to the IC-2730 Isom. Its a nice well made cable and is very reasonably priced. I would be from Byonics again and highly recommend them. 73 VE7HJ
Sean Thompson - N2APE (2023-03-08)
Ordered the GPS5 and GPAIP to connect to my IC-9700 and it works great! Really appreciated the support from Byon!
Ralph Simons - KC1RWK (2023-02-10)
All's well that ends well. Our MTT4BT is chirping away again nicely at W1BST repeater tower in Ossipee, NH (You can see the weather data on aprs.fi if you filter on our call). It needed a new D6 and a MAX232 interface chip. Allen Lord (vhsproducts@aol.com, allen@byonics.com) was very helpful -- multiple email exchanges with lots of good info on the product AND interfacing to the Peet Ultimeter 100 weather station, spare parts, quick turn around and testing, and Priority Mail. Thanks so much, Allen!
Fred Bouwman - KD9CCE (2023-02-04)
I have been running a TT4 and display since 2015. First as a digipeater, then in my vehicle, now it is a digipeater again running at a friend's QTH KD9DDE. This is a fine, reliable device and a great value.
Michael Tyborski - KB9YXB (2022-11-28)
Byonics produces affordable products with the quality hams desire. They are nicely packaged and quickly arrive. Use them for transmitter hunt contests, training, or interference/jammer triangulation. DF skills will always be useful.
Paul - KA5FZU (2022-07-03)
MICRO FOX TRANSMITTERS- A really great line of products. A group of hams have been using these in Austin, TX for several months. We have lots of hills, valleys, canyons, brush and places to hide them right under your nose! A hunt runs from Fri. evening to Sun. evening. Got plenty of time for a great interesting hunt! Keep these great products coming!
Larry - KD2LBV (2022-05-19)
Finally found someone who has the products I need for my FTM-400 and TM-D710ga that don't require me to do the work. Both radios have GPS and TNC's but require a view of the sky to access the Sats. I needed a better view of the sky from inside my home or from the EOC which allows me to use APRS inside buildings. I need to communicate with the NWS via APRS when we have Skywarn activations. Will review the products after I receive and set them up.
David - K6DWL (2022-03-28)
The Micro trak RTG 50 is great. A breeze to set up. It's nice to have a tracker that doesn't require a full Mobil radio. It's compact size makes it great for tucking out of the way away in compact places.
Fred Schaffer - KG4YGP (2021-05-23)
I've purchased the MT-1000, 2000, and 2001. All function exceedingly well in high power rocketry where both vibration and g forces can devastate a pcb. Also, the service and response to queries is second to none! Thamk you for the excellent products and service!
Raymond Cervantes - KB5QWP (2020-10-01)
Over the years I have purchased several aprs trackers for vehicle and aircraft use. After years of service they still are working amazing. I recently purchased (8/2020) a new MicroTrak 2001 and the size and pin out options are great. Byonics pdf manual for the device answered all my questions and gave me the flexibility on using my own GPS unit and power supply. Communication is great and service is simply the best. A customer for over 10+ years. Byonics is a trusted aprs equipment provider. See where I'm at KB5QWP-3 Thank you 73's Ray- Fort Worth, Texas
Wayne Connell - K7QHQ (2020-06-01)
I purchased my second Tiny Trak4 and thrilled with its performance. I thought I had an issue communicating with the new unit, described my problem and asked Byonics for assistance. Without hesitation they had me send it back for a new one. They let me know the one I sent back worked fine. So my continued diagnostics found the fault with my computer and not the Tiny Trak4. I appreciated their assistance and clear communication. Their product is solid and quite versatile backed up by a incredible support.
James mendenhall - Ke6whn (2020-04-27)
Awesome products.i have the plug and play GPS tracker And also the tiny track--- p.s. thank you for the experience in fox hunting on those few mon nights. Thank you byon.
Ed Igielski - N2EDI (2019-10-21)
I ordered a MicroFox 15 USB Combo for use with my BSA Cub Scout Pack's JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) day. Fast shipping got it to me in good time. I found it to be a very well made product that worked perfectly right out of the box. It was easy to configure and deploy and it ran all day non-stop on one battery. We actually used it for three different activity stations at the same time. It's signal was used while the Scouts learned about ELT's and EPIRB's. After which it served as the "fox" in our hunt as the Scouts used a directional antenna and a HT with a "S" meter to locate and rescue a "downed pilot". We also had a 2m receiver tuned to the MicroFox 15's frequency with a code chart and had the Scouts decode the Morse Code ID that was being transmitted. Three fun learning stations with one great product. Thanks Byonics!!!
Marco Beltrami Woelkar - CE2EK (2018-12-03)
Dear friends of Byonics, I want to share with you the achievement obtained in Chile thanks to one of its flagship products ... I mean Micro Trak AIO Thanks for its cutting-edge technology at the service of radio amateurs. Marco Beltrami CE2EK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m56XhGC9ipg