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Testimonials from Byonics Customers

If you have been impressed with Byonics products or service, please share your comments here.
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Brian - WA6JFK (2010-05-25)
I purchased the Tiny Trak3 and the GPS. Setup was super easy and it works right out of the box. Also great email support to boot.
Giuseppe - IZ1RWC (2010-05-20)
I have maked by myself, but i love the original from Byonics! Great TT4!!! Simply but complete and very functionally!
Clay - W0LED (2010-05-04)
Usually I like to build kits (and I have built Tiny Traks from kits before) but this time I just wanted it to work and fast. So, Byon supplied the TT3+, the GPS, and the radio/power interface cable. I did the system integration in the trunk of my car. And, you know what? It worked first time -- no muss, no fuss. Thanks Byon!
Edwin Bagwell - KD4DRA (2010-04-09)
Byon has bent over backwards to support his products and to give the best customer service. Thanks Byon
Jim - KC4MHH (2010-04-09)
Have been using various models since the orignal TinyTrak. Have several MicroTrak MT-8000's and the great MT AIO with the FL3 Airboat Search & Rescue team. These units have worked great, providing detailed information on team location and added safety to all personnel. I just ordered two more AIO's! Looking forward to new products (hopefully, one that will work on a search dog's collar!).
Bob - VE7WNK (2010-04-05)
Loving my TT4. It was easy to build, and I was able build a beacon switch into using an option in a different radio. My GPS is connected to the TT4 and I was able to split the data out to a laptop. With the flick of a switch I can update my TT4 on the fly. I adore this product. I can't wait to use it in TNC mode for something like winlink! (winlink mobile!)
Dan in British Columbia - (2010-03-22)
My MT-AIO was left in a vehicle which was stolen. Police were able to track and recover the vehicle undamaged and the driver got a year of jail. A small price to pay to get your vehicle back and save the insurance deductible... and get a little bit of justice.
SEBASTIEN - F8FFP (2010-02-18)
I have just made the acquisition of MT AIO, and I hold have congratulate the quality of job congratulations have BYONICS team
R&S JONES - g0cjm-9 or -12 (2010-02-18)
Excellent but not with Smart Beaconing!
Richard Fournier - Kc9fk (2010-02-15)

Sébastien - F8FFP (2010-01-27)
I overthere very can of user time of the TINYTRAK3 and I am happy of his simplicity. I would still use product your with plan to order others Thanks Byon!
Don - WB6LPJ (2009-12-31)
My TinyTrak has been mounted under my trucks rear seat, mostly forgotten, powered for over 4 years. Has been frozen and toasted during this time and continues to perform its job. Well done Byonics!
Ray - KC4VTX (2009-12-23)
Purchased the TinyTrak3 years ago and has worked flawlessly. Nov 9, 2009, sent it with a weather balloon to 100,344 ft! Tracked without loosing one timed response (good line of site!). Also recovered the package! Working to help Emergency Managers to utilize hams, APRS, and their GIS data to aide in coordinating localized searches (away from web). Thanks again!
Patrick Rendulic - LX3PR (2009-11-27)
I bought a Micro-Trak AIO in May 2009. Very fast delivery to Europe. The MT-AIO is a wonderful solution for worry-free APRS tracking. Used mine during the summer as a tracker during my tour through Scandinavia. I just did a minor modification to the power supply of the tracker. I jumped the on-board voltage regulator. Now I can use NiMH cells without any premature shut-down of the unit. Just go on with those wonderful little products ;).
Seth - Kd7piq (2009-11-11)
We have been using your microtrack for tracking of whether payloads works wonderful
David - KG6RWU (2009-11-04)
Byon is always extremely helpful. All products ordered have worked perfectly. Highly recommend his products!
Sid - G4RIO (2009-11-03)
I Placed a order for my tinytrak3 plus and 4 0n 26th Oct it was posted to me on the 28th recieved my parcel om 2nd November THATS WHAT I CALL SERVICE THANKS Byonics
Steve - ZL2ASC (2009-10-28)
I have just tried the new firmware V0.60 for the tt4. The DDIST command is great. It allows the remote LCD display to show the distance and direction to other APRS stations while mobile.
Erik - PE9RIK (2009-10-18)
Hi Byon, I promissed to you in our Emails that I would let you know my experience with the TT-3. Well, after a lot of strugling with my Laptop (please dont use Dell!!!, the soundcard sucks and the decoding will NOT work) it worked marvellously!!! Thanks for your support and i will pobably order more of your APRS tools.
Nathan - KC0MYM (2009-10-16)
I placed a good size order Monday and told Byon that I needed the order by Friday because I was heading out for the week. On such short notice and with a couple of emails to figure out the config, he sent it out! It arrived THURSDAY! Everything works great and I want to say kudos to a man that knows what customer service\quality means in this day and age. Thanks Byon! KC0MYM/Nate