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Lou Broad - N1RCA (2016-04-24)
Just used MT-1000 HA on 92.000 ft balloon launch for New Hampshire Science Teacher's Association. Exceptional performance, ease of use. Great Package!
Greg McCulkin - VK2TEQ (2016-02-04)
Installed the Micro-Trak RTG50 last November. VK2TEQ-9. The things on 24/7, works a treat. A good way to keep track of the team through an emergency activation. Picked up a 2nd GPS unit for the Kenwood D710. Double treat. Im from Down Under QF56LF
Ken Porter - N3TXC (2015-12-23)
Love my new mt-rtg received it in 2 days up and running within 10 min. Quality product, alreading thinking of up grading to mmt4b
Steve - KA4TMB (2015-10-23)
Love my Micro Trak. Bought one after my brother Bill - KH6UU (2014-09-18) recommended it. Now want to upgrade to TT4 so it will RX before TX since it's so busy on the east coast here with collisions, but that's not a problem with the hardware. Just too much fun with APRS and work with ARES! I love being a Ham! HAH!! Thanks, Bill *AND BYONICS*!
Adam - KG4ERE (2015-09-30)
I started off with one TT3 on one of my vehicles to see how it did. I worked flawlessly from day 1. I have since purchase 3 more Tiny Trak units for various uses and they all work great. Any tech questions I have ever had are always answered promptly and efficiently. If you are looking to purchase a quality, easy to use product, then you can do no better than Byonics.
David warden - KG7NKG (2015-09-28)
Just received my gps unit and cable to connect to my IC-7100 radio. Worked first try. Very pleased. Love the 5v voltage regulator built in to connector and power pole connector for 12v supply. Nice touch.
Gary Gail - wd8ajj (2015-09-27)
Installed the Mico-Trak on my motorcycle and running like a champ the 1st time. Will admit was the easiest I have ever had installing an APRS unit! Wish we had more than 1 Igate node here in town....
Christoph Cramer - DF5KX (2015-07-03)
Need a nice price fully functional APRS kit? Tiny-Track 4 is what you NEED! Working in my place as DB0IT digi + WX station since a couple of years by now! Check aprs.fi or findu to observe wx cond in East Frisia / Germany! THANK YOU BYONICS!! KEEP UP that GREAT work!!
Rod Milbrandt - (2015-05-29)
The first Micro-Trak AIO HA we ordered had some problems, Byon immediately sent another to exchange via priority mail free of charge. Great customer service! Highly recommended.
Rich - KU9R (2015-05-28)
Great product! I ordered two, put them together in one evening. Hooked them up, downloaded the config software...BINGO, they just work!Easy peasy!
Jim Koelling - KB9CFH (2015-05-23)
Good track to Dayton and back from Ada, Ok. 2015 Hamvention Search KB9CFH-9 Canoe even shows getting slightly lost in St. Louis, Mo.
Darryl Hedges - KD9AUK (2015-03-10)
I have used the Micro-Trak RTG with my high altitude balloon flights and it has performed flawlessly. Great product at a very reasonable price.
Clinton McDonald - VK3MJC (2015-02-27)
Great service. TT3+ arrived and seemed to work fine, but wouldn't key radio. Email to Byon had him pinpoint a failed transistor. Replaced the transistor and it's off and running. The fact that Byon responded to emails within 12 hours, and offered to send a new transistor out to me (in VK) speaks volumes for his service and support.
Wayne Reed - K4TTZ (2015-02-13)
After a failed attempt at updating the firmware on my WORKING TinyTrak4, I found myself with a dead device. I tried reloading the firmware per the firmware manual with no joy. I sent a brief email to Byon, and he put me back on track and I was able to recover my device. Good device that performs flawlessly and good customer service. It's a rare thing nowadays.
John McNelly - KK6NQK (2014-12-01)
Ordered the TinyTrack3Plus with TinyPack firmware a while back for a high-altitude balloon project. I had some troubles initially (through no fault of the Byonics hardware; I was getting RF interference on my Arduino serial outputs from the radio I was using), but Byon was extremely helpful every step of the way. I also bought a Micro-Fox 500 from Byonics, which worked wonderfully. I just recently had the SMA board-mount connector break off (again, not due to a problem with the product) and Byon is having one shipped to me for free. Great products with five-star customer service! I'll definitely be ordering from these guys again :)