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We are sorry to report that Pocket Tracker is no longer available. It was discontinued because some of its parts were obsoleted and replacements have not been found. This page remains for reference.

However, Byonics now carries a similar product, the Micro-Trak 300.

Pocket Tracker FA

The original Pocket Tracker by HiValue Radio is a 2-meter FM transmitter combined with a TinyTrak3 that provides an easy and inexpensive way to build an APRS tracker. It is able to transmit on one of two pre-programmed 2-meter frequencies.

Michael Pendley, K5ATM, has developed a firmware modification for the two-meter transmitter portion of the Pocket Tracker that makes it Frequency Agile! The new modified Pocket Tracker, called the Pocket Tracker FA, allows the user to easily change the programmed frequencies using any computer that supports a terminal emulation program such as Hyperterminal.

The FA option allows experimenters to do even more. The same terminal emulation program allows experimenters to become familiar with the MC145170 Phase Locked Loop (PLL) by allowing them to control the individual PLL registers and the transmitter's power amplifier.

The Pocket Tracker FA has all the features of the original Pocket Tracker, uses all the same cables, and in default mode operates essentially the same. The default frequency is 144.39 MHz, and the alternate frequency, selectable by moving J11, is 144.34 MHz. The Frequency Agile Pocket Tracker option allows the user to set the primary and alternate transmitting frequencies. Recommended range: 144 to 146 MHz.

The Pocket Tracker FA is available as a kit, just like the original Pocket Tracker. There are only minor assembly differences. Three parts are added to support user-configuration of the special transmitter PIC (U6) firmware: D10, J14, and R33.

Documentation: The following files are needed to build the Pocket Tracker FA
Pocket Tracker FA Kit Assembly Instructions Addendum
Pocket Tracker FA Transmitter Configuration Instructions
Pocket Tracker FA Schematic
Pocket Tracker FA Photos to help with assembly
In addition to the files above, the following original Pocket Tracker documentation may be helpful
Pocket Tracker Kit Contents
Pocket Tracker Kit Illustrated Assembly Instructions
Mint Tin Can Feature Dimensions
Pocket Tracker Component Loading Diagram

After ordering a kit be sure to download the TinyTrak3 configuration software and documentaion.
Download TINYTRAK3.ZIP Right click the link and choose "Save As..."
Please do not distribute TinyTrak3 software, firmware, or documentation without written permission from the author.
The Pocket Tracker is currently out of production. There is no expected availability date at this time.

Orders are charged an additional $6 shipping, and are automatically shipped USPS Priority Mail or USPS Global Express.

Pocket Tracker Cables, which can also be used with the Pocket Traker FA, are available on the Pocket Tracker page.
Orders can also be placed by sending a check or money order to:
Byon Garrabrant
8378 Granite Mountain Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Include shipping as stated above.
Note: Pocket Tracker and Pocket Tracker FA are transmitters only. They do not receive radio signals, and therefore may occasionally transmit over other stations, unless an external radio receiver is added.
For more information, please eMail
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