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We are sorry to report that Pocket Tracker hardware is no longer available. It was discontinued because some of its parts were obsoleted and replacements have not been found. This page remains for reference. The Pocket Fox chip is still available for use in TinyTrak3 PCBs.
Byonics is happy to announce the Pocket Fox, a small, inexpensive radio transmitter designed for hidden transmitter hunting. It produces tone sequences and Morse code messages at user-programmed times. It is programmable via a simple computer program, utilizes EEPROM for all programmed options so they are remembered when power is removed, and is quite compact. Pocket Fox is available as a complete kit, or as a upgrade chip that can be used to add hidden transmitter functionality to any existing Pocket Tracker or TinyTrak controller (TinyTrak, TinyTrakII, and TinyTrak3)
The Pocket Fox, when used with the Pocket Tracker hardware, provides all the following benefits
  • Included 2-meter transmitter
  • No complicated radio cabling
  • PIC controlled, PLL-Stabilized, Transmitter
  • Simple kit (All SMT parts are pre-assembled)
  • Simple RF alignment (one variable inductor)
Pocket Fox Kits are available pre-programed with two custom frequencies. Please specify these frequencies when ordering. For information on these frequencies, please contact

A Frequency Agile Pocket Fox is also available. By using the Pocket Tracker FA Hardware instead of the normal Pocket Tracker hardware, the transmit frequency can be adjusted by the user. With the normal Pocket Tracker hardware (non-FA version) there are two factory set transmit frequencies to choose from. Click Here for information on Pocket Tracker FA.
Pocket Tracker has been discontinued, so the Pocket Fox is only available as a chip for the TinyTrak3 PCB.

You can also order a TinyTrak3 and request a Pocket Fox chip instead of the TinyTrak3 chip.

Add To Cart Pocket Fox Chip - $18. This chip will convert any existing TinyTrak or Pocket Tracker to Pocket Fox functionality.

Orders are charged an addtional $6 shipping, and are automatically shipped USPS Priority Mail or USPS Global Express.

Documentation: After ordering a kit or chip be sure to download the Pocket Fox configuration software and documentaion.
Download POCKETFOX.ZIP Right click the link and choose "Save As..."
For more information, please eMail
Also, the TinyTrak Group at Yahoo! is very active. Read through the archives for help, or post questions to the members of the group.
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