PicCon Foxhunt Controller

The PicCon can turn any transceiver into a hidden transmitter. It sends tone sequences and Morse code messages at user-programmed times and is configured and remote controlled with DTMF tones. A radio/power cable is required to interface to the radio mic/PTT and ear/speaker jacks, and to a 12V power supply. Radio cables and wiring diagrams can be found here.

DownloadPicCon v3 Manual - User Manual for the built PicCon version 3
DownloadPicCon v3 Config Program - MicroFoxConfig v1.97 built PicCon version 3
DownloadPicCon v2 Manuals - User & Assembly Manual for the PicCon version 2.08
LinkNew Web Based Configuration Tool

Note: We are out of stock on the green PicCon cases. PicCons will be shipped with a mostly compatible blue TinyTrak3 case. Green cases will be shipped when available, if requested.

Add To CartPicCon - $66
Version 3. Built and tested. Does not include radio/power cable or optional programming cable.

Add To CartPicCon Kit - $57
Version 2. Kit version of the PicCon. All parts are through-hole. Does not include radio/power cable.

BFoxCon Baofeng Foxhunt Controller

The BFoxCon is a foxhunt controller designed to pair with the inexpensive Baofeng UV-5R to create a hidden transmitter for driving hunts. It mounts to the back of the radio in place of the belt clip and can be powered from the UV-5R battery (BL-5L 3800mAh recommended). It can be configured with the optional USB-2.5 cable, or remote configured and controlled with DTMF tones. A DIY version is available for use with any amateur radio.

DownloadBFoxCon User Manual - v0.2
DownloadMicroFox Config Program - Windows Configuration Program v1.95
LinkNew Web Based Configuration Tool

Add To CartBFoxCon - $55
Includes assembled PCB, wired and ready to be connected to UV-5R mic jack and BL-5L battery, plus USB interface cable.

Add To CartBFoxCon DIY - $45
Includes assembled PCB without radio or power cables, as shown to the right. This can be user wired to any handheld or mobile radio to create a DTMF controlled fox transmitter. Includes USB interface cable.

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