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GST-1 Frequently Asked Questions
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General Information:
The GST-1 is powered from the computer or TNC serial port, and housed in a DB-9 male-to-female feed-thru adaptor. By using RS-232 levels for I/O, the GST-1 will interface with both desktop and laptop computers.
Note: If you are using a Palm device you will need an external power cable for the Earthmate which will also power the GST-1.
The GST-1 automatically establishes initial communication with the GPS, then communicates with the GPS at 9600 baud while sending NMEA sentences to the TNC/Computer at 4800 baud. It will accurately convert the binary positional information from the GPS into $GPRMC, $GPGGA, and $GPGSA NMEA-0183 version 2.0 sentences every second.
How can I initialize an Earthmate's location??
Download and use freeware program
Will the GST-1 work with the DeLorme Tripmate?
No. The GST-1 converts the Rockwell Binary output from certain GPS receivers into NMEA-0183 format. Since the DeLorme Tripmate outputs in the NMEA-0183 format, no conversion is necessary.
Will the GST-1 work with the SONY SkyMapGPS?
Yes. The SONY SkyMap serial GPS, as sold by ETAK outputs data in the supported Rockwell binary format.
Can I use the GST-1 with my Kenwood TH-D7A or PacComm Hardware Single Port switch and my TNC?
Yes. there are two approaches to using the GST-1 with these devices. In both of these approaches the GST-1 computer connector pins 2 (Output data) and pin 5 (Ground) are used for the data signal to the THD-7A or KPC-3.
  1. Connect a 9V battery between pins 5 (-) and pin 6 (+) on the GST-1 computer connector. The GST-1 draws an average 8.5 ma.
    Do not ever apply 9 volts to pin 9 of the GST-1 or any pin of the Earthmate. To do so will likely destroy your Earthmate.
  2. All current GST-1's being shipped will accept power from the external cable, if present. Early GST-1's required modification but this is no longer the case.
Further details can be found here
Can data be sent to a GPS through the GST-1?
No. The GST-1 is a one-way device, sending data from the GST-1 to the computer/TNC only. At GPS receiver startup, however, some data may be sent from the GST-1 to the GPS to begin operations.
Are the NMEA-0183 GSV ($GPGSV) sentences supported?
In the current version, No. In order to add support for GSV, which would give more information on satellites in view, the GST-1 output update rate would likely have to drop from 1Hz to 1/2 Hz. We are still debating the tradeoffs of this feature.
How is the GST-1 powered?
The GST-1 requires that at least one of the following handshake signals present on the TNC or computer serial port to provide power. If more than one signal is present the GST-1 will share the load between them. The handshake lines and DB-9 pin numbers are DTR (4), DSR (6), & RTS (7).
Can I use my Delorme external power adapter with the GST-1
Yes. Simply connect your external power adapter between the computer and the GST-1.
Will I harm the GST-1 if I connect the external power cable to it by mistake?
No. If you should inadvertently connect your adapter between the GST-1 and your TNC or computer, no harm will be done however the power will not reach the Earthmate. (Also see the question above)

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* Earthmate and Tripmate are trademarks of DeLorme., SkyMap is a trademark of the Sony Corporation.