GPS Receivers

Serial GPS receivers are used to determine a location, speed and heading and send that to an APRS controller such as the TinyTrak for transmitting to the APRS network.


The Byonics GPS5 receiver is a 5-volt, WAAS enabled, 4800 baud RS-232 serial GPS that sends standard NMEA-0183 sentences once per second utilizing the SiRFStarIV chipset. It includes a 6 foot female DB-9 cable and IPX7 weatherproof case with a strong magnet to allow easy external car mounting in rain, snow and sun, but are also sensitive enough to work well indoors.

A blue LED is inside the case that is on solid when acquiring, and flashes once synced to the satellites. DB-9 pinout is 2:GPS data out (RS-232), 3:GPS data in (not normally used), 4:+5V power input, 5:ground. Current draw is about 32mA. NMEA sentences sent each second: $GPGSA, $GPRMC, $GPGGA, $GPGSV. Accuracy is approx. 2.5 meters. Acquisition times are: Cold Start: 35 sec (avg), Warm Start: 35 sec (avg), Hot Start: 1 sec (min). Sensitivity is Acquisition:-147dBm, Tracking:-163dBm.

GPS5 is a 5 volt GPS. Connecting the GPS5 to 12V will damage it. The GPS5 can be connected to a TinyTrak3Plus (if J7 is set for 5V), TinyTrak4 (if JP6 is set for 5V), or MT-RTG. For use with a TinyTrak3 (non-Plus), a computer serial port, or other devices, please consider the GPAC below.

Add To CartGPS5 - $79
Our most popular GPS receiver. For altitudes up to 60KFt/18KM.

Add To CartGPS5HA - $90
High Altitude Balloon version for altitudes up to 270KFt/84KM.

Add To CartDiscounted GPS - $55
We received some GPS5 receivers with a male 6 pin mini din connector instead of the normal DB-9 female. We added a 6 pin mini din to DB-9 female adapter, so they are now plug and play compatible with our normal GPS5s and TinyTraks. No warranty is available, but they are guaranteed to be functional.

GPS5 Modules

We also have the Byonics GPS5 module without the case, DB-9 cable or magnet. Suitible for embedding with other products. It comes with a 3" JST plug interface cable and outputs both TTL and RS-232. Wiring is 1:black:ground, 2:red:3.3V to 5V DC power, 3:yellow:TTL data from GPS, 4:white:RS-232 data to GPS, 5:green:RS-232 data from GPS, 6:blue:TTL data to GPS. Size is 30mm x 30mm x 7.8mm. Weight with cable 15g / 0.5 oz.

Add To CartGPS5 Module - $74
GPS5 module only, for altitudes up to 60KFt/18KM.

GPS to 2.5mm Adapters

The GPAKP & GPAIP adapters allow connection of the GPS5 to a Kenwood, Icom, or Yaesu GPS enabled mobile radio. They take 12V from the powerpole plug and regulate it down to 5V to power the GPS5, and also adapt the serial connection to a stereo 2.5mm TRS serial plug.

Add To CartGPAKP - $29
For Kenwood TM-D700, TM-D710, TH-D7 and Yaesu radios with a 2.5mm GPS jack. GPS serial data is present on the 2.5mm ring.

Add To CartGPAIP - $29
For Icom IC-7100, ID-880H, and ID-5100A. Not compatible with the ID-51A. GPS serial data is present on the 2.5mm tip.


The GUA will connect a Byonics GPS receiver to a computer USB port. The GPS will appear to the computer as a standard COM port. Unlike most USB to serial adapters, the GUA provides the 5V to pin 4 needed to power the GPS receiver, so no additional power adapter is needed.

Add To CartGUA - $23

DownloadUSB cable drivers - v1.7

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