Foxhunting Products

Transmitter Hunting, or Foxhunting, is a popular way to combine outdoor activity with the amateur radio hobby. The "Fox" hides a hidden transmitter, and the hunters use direction finding techniques to locate it.

Hiding Devices

MicroFox Transmitters

The MicroFox line of hidden transmitters are small, self contained 2-meter transmitters designed for walking and driving foxhunts. They include a frequency agile 2-meter transmitter and a controller to generate all the user-defined tones and timings. A simple way to put on a hidden transmitter hunt.

Hidden Transmitter Controllers

These controllers can be connected to any handheld or mobile ham radio to create a hidden transmitter for walking and driving foxhunts.

Hunting Devices

Foxhunt Attenuators

Foxhunt attenuators can be used to help find a nearby hidden transmitter in the last few hundred feet by lowering the received signal strength to a level that is discernable. They have a male and female SMA connection so they can be easily inserted between a radio and an antenna.

TDOA Sniffer

This is a TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival) antenna switcher that, when combined with a radio receiver, will tell the direction to a transmitter. It generates an audible tone on an 2-meter FM receiver when the two antennas are not the same distance from the transmitter, and thus receiving the signal out of phase from each other. That tone will fade away when the two antennas are rotated as they become equidistant from the transimtter, and fall into phase.

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