APRS Products

Byonics carries a full line of APRS products, to allow you to track whether you are walking around, driving a car, or flying a high altitude balloon.

TinyTrak Controllers

TinyTrak controllers will allow any 2-meter radio to be paired with a GPS to send location data to the APRS network.


The TinyTrak3Plus is a simple, popular way to build an APRS tracker. Simply connect one between a serial GPS receiver and a 2-meter hand held or mobile radio and begin sending your location to the APRS network.


The TinyTrak3Plus and TinyTrak4 are APRS controllers which can be connected between a GPS and any 2-meter radio to transmit a location to the APRS network.

MicroTrak Trackers

The MicroTrak tracker line combines the TinyTrak controller with a GPS and built in transmitter. They are available in portable, car, and high altitude balloon versions, and are pre-configured with your amateur radio callsign.


The MicroTrak RTG is the easiest way to add APRS tracking to a vehicle. The combo includes everything needed to transmit your location. Just plug into 12V and it is Ready To Go.


The MicroTrak AIO is a self contained portable APRS tracker. It runs for a week on a set of 8 AA batteries sending a 10 watt position report every 2 minutes.

APRS Accessories

GPS Receivers

Our serial GPS receivers included with products above are also available for individual purchase. We have outdoor-safe versions, modules and cables to connect these to radios and computers.

VHF Antennas

These VHF SMA male antennas can use used with the MicroTrak line of tranmsitters.

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