MicroTrak Antennas

These SMA male antennas are compatible with all the MicroTrak and MicroFox transmitters.

Handheld Antennas

These factory made antennas will work with all MicroTrak transmitters, as well as any handheld radio with an SMA antenna jack. The V2 is longer with a sturdy whip, while the V4 is more compact and flexible.

Add To CartV2 Antenna - $19
VHF/UHF Length:40cm, Gain:2.15dB, Whip diameter:4mm, Weight:1.2oz, Manufacturer#:NA-771.

Add To CartV4 Antenna - $19
VHF/UHF Length:23cm, Gain:2.15dB, Whip diameter:2.2mm, Weight:0.6oz, Manufacturer#:NA-666.

Add To CartV7 Antenna - $20
Telescoping half-wave antenna tuned for 144.39 MHz, but should work well over the entire 2-meter band. The bottom is a flexible spring to reduce torque on the radio SMA connector. The extened length is 24 inches and the collapsed length is 6.5 inches. Gain is 3 dB.

Mag-Mount Antennas

Add To CartV3 Antenna - $19
External VHF antenna with a "Hershey-Kiss" magnet mount base for use with the MicroTrak APRS transmitters and handheld radios. This antenna whip is very flexible. If using a MicroTrak in a vehicle, an external antenna like this is highly recommened. Length:51cm, Gain:3dB, Weight:2.7oz, Coax:RG-174 10 feet

Add To CartV9 Antenna - $30
Larger mag-mount antnna for the MT-RTG 50 and MTT4B-40. VHF/UHF Length:56cm, Gain:3dB, Whip diameter:2.5mm, Weight:12.9oz, , Coax:RG-58 10 feet, Manufacturer#:UT-308UV.

V6 Dipole Antenna

The V6 is center fed 2-meter dipole antenna that comes with a 12" SMA coax. The overall length is 37 in and the elements are flexible spring-steel 0.032 music wire. Antenna weight without coax is 0.4 oz. The wire ends are rolled into a loop for safety. It provides a considerable signal boost over the rubber duck alternatives, and was primarily deisgned for high altitude balloons.

Add To CartV6 Antenna - $40

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